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Christian Dior 'Mitza' Ring
Dior, 2002


18k yellow gold ""Mitza"" ring with a panther's coat motif formed of black enamel spots on a textured gold background, and centered on a sugarloaf citrine, four paws forming the claws. Signed ""Christian Dior"" and numbered.

Brand: Dior

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Stone Details: Sugarloaf Citrine

Size: 51

Weight: 18.5g

Circa: 2002
Reference: BVJ364 View full details
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Christian Dior

Founded in 1947, Christian Dior differed from many designers with his use of jewelry. Dior believed that jewelry was as much a part of fashion as clothing. The jewelry for each look was designed in detail for his collections. By 1948, Dior had opened a fashion house called “Dior Costume Jewelry” in Germany in 1948. In 1957, Christian Dior died at the age of 52, leaving Yves Saint Laurent as creative director. Saint Laurent then took control of jewelry design for Christian Dior SE. In 1998, the fashion house announced its official jewelry division called “Dior Joaillerie.” Dior jewelry, from the beginning, was very much inspired by nature. Many designs since the late ’40s featured depictions of animals and floral motifs.