Collection: Tank

The Tank ring is undoubtedly an antique jewel of character, with an imposing style that reflects all the power of the person who wears it. Stemming from the retro art movement, largely influenced by a dark period of human history, it is recognizable among all. This extravagant jewel, a symbol of strength and success, is distinguished by its sculptural lines and exuberant volume inspired by the war machines of World War II. The Tank ring had its heyday during the years 1935 to 1950 and was at its peak during the 1940s.

A new trend then affects all Western countries which, in this period of war, advocate the return to more marked and structured forms. Gone are the curves and rounded lines of the Art Deco movement! The massive Tank jewels appear in these troubled times by the war where the supply of precious metals is difficult. For some, they represent an investment. A way to protect their capital by placing them in easily transportable objects. In fact, families melted down all the gold they owned to turn it into a ring. For others, the Jewellery is a way to showcase their success in the war business.