Collection: Sigma-Valmon

In 1954, Alexandre M. Valentin established his watch company Valmon in Genève, Switzerland. Valmon manufactured a wide range of watches under different brands. Most of them were high-quality timepieces; watches that are still ticking to this day. An excellent Swiss mechanical movement was the heart of every timepiece. And the watch housings were mainly made of stainless steel or gold. The company’s most valued watch brand in the market was Sigma Valmon. Due to the success of Sigma Valmon, the company gained commercial success both domestically and abroad, by emphasizing quality and classic design. During the 1960’s, Sigma Valmon becomes a recognized brand in the watch industry.

And the watches were sold by highly respected stores around the world, with its largest market share in parts of Europe and South America. The company also achieves a business address on Place de la Fusterie, in Genève. A street address which today houses some of the most exclusive Swiss watch brands and their flagship stores.