Collection: Pederzani

Everything began in 1925 when at the age of twenty, Mr. Gino Pederzani, the jeweler's founder, left Verona, his native town, to go working as a clerk at Fraccari's "metals and precious stones" counter in Milan. There he worked for a few years, learning about the pureness, ductility and value of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, the purest of them all. After building up an extensive knowledge in this "precious" field, he decided to go working, again as a clerk, at Argenteria Giacchè in Milan's via Manzoni. When the Second World War brooke out, he was forced to move to a small town called Porto Ceresio by the Lake of Lugano, where for the next three years he commuted to Milan. It was precisely in those turbulent years that he met Mr. Nannini, at the time director of a Milanese jeweler's. The two immediately built a vood relationship based on friendship and mutual trust and, by the end of 1943, together they opened the Nannini-Pederzani jeweler's. In 1990 the third Pederzani generation started to take its first steps in the family business when Alberto JR, Claudio's son, driven by strong passion, began working in the jeweler's, following in his father's steps.