Collection: Mauboussin

The iconic jeweler Mauboussin has always been an exception in the French jewelry landscape. Indeed, since its creation in 1827, the jeweler has never ceased to surprise both by his legendary creations and by his astonishing career and his ability to always bounce back, until he is reborn from the ashes. Now the leader in luxury jewelry accessible to the greatest number of people, the history of the House of Mauboussin has probably not finished surprising us. The history of the House of Mauboussin goes back to 1827, when a certain Mr. Rocher opened a jewelry workshop in Paris, rue Greneta. His successor, Jean-Baptiste Noury, took over the direction of the workshop and renamed it “Maison Noury”: it was under this name that he participated in the Universal Exhibition in Paris and won the bronze medal in 1878. A little later, Jean-Baptiste Noury hired his nephew Georges Mauboussin as an apprentice, who took over the direction of the workshops in 1883. Georges Mauboussin gave his name to the jewelry house in 1922: it then became Mauboussin, Noury’s successor. In order not to lose its reputation as a house known for the quality of its stones, the house keeps the Noury filiation in its name.