Collection: Mariagrazia Cassetti

The Cassetti brand was born in 1926 out of the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of one Renzo Cassetti, an heir of that cherished tradition of Florentine master engravers, jewellers and silversmiths that harks back to Benvenuto Cellini. In the nineteen-fifties, Maria Grazia, Renzo’s daughter, joined the company to add her particular brand of creativity to the Cassetti tradition, and most of all “a touch of female intuition."" The first objects in silver with crystal and silver with porcelain were thanks to her, constituting a genuine innovation for the market.

Maria Grazia Cassetti has long cultivated a great passion for an cient and modern jewellery, and as a result, in the nineteen-sixties, she started to sell these precious works of art. Today “Cassetti” has become a significant entrepreneurial group and enjoys worldwide distribution, subdivided into “Cassetti Silverware”, “Cassetti Jewellery” and “Cassetti Shops” is an affirmed production and commercial activity that has been operating internationally in the luxury goods sector for the best part of a hundred years.