Collection: Kutchinsky

Kutchinsky Jewellery started off as a new business in the London’s East End shortly after the Kutchinsky family fled Poland in 1893. The first shop was on Commercial Road, where they became well known for their fine platinum and diamond jewellery. By 1928, Joseph Kutchinsky, then only 14, the youngest grandson of the “first” Kutchinsky’s, began his long and successful career in the family business. 'Jo' was a natural salesperson and worked to instil the core values of the business – quality products and excellent service – into everything the brand produced. By 1958, the shop on Commercial Road had become a mecca for lovers of fine jewellery and, with this success, they made a move to London’s Knightsbridge. Because of its symbolic link with a specific period in British history, Kutchinsky jewellery is highly sought-after in the antique world. Its rarity makes it inherently valuable, and the distinctive and masterful construction of every piece solidifies its reputation.