Collection: E. Gubelin

Known for its exquisite high-end jewellery, gemstone expertise, and as purveyors of some of today’s most sought-after luxury watch brands the Swiss, family-owned House of Gübelin’s story began in 1854. With the opening of a small watchmaker’s shop in the Swiss city of Lucerne, the business grew over time, moving to ever-larger locations in the city until finally settling in the prime site on the quay that still houses Gübelin’s Lucerne boutique today. In the 1920s Gübelin opened its own jewellery atelier and at the same time set up a small gemological laboratory so that it could test – and be sure of the authenticity – of the stones its jewellers used. It also continued making and repairing fine watches for a discerning clientele, developing a reputation that soon reached throughout Europe and overseas.