P-sofa Design (3:2:1) in
P-sofa Design (3:2:1) in
P-sofa Design (3:2:1) in Crop View, a collection of short stories.

3:3 – The Good Life in St. James’s Palace, a book collection of short stories.

Art Gallery #1 – A collection of paintings, sculpture, sculpture frames, prints and drawings.

3:4 – A New York City Story, an anthology of short stories by artists and illustrators from around the world. https://jiji.co.tz/kinondoni/furniture/p-sofa-design-3-2-1-jVwmCCWVXD1Ip4wXH0FaXMwT.html
2:1 – The Art Center for Creative Arts in New York, a visual arts and design training institution for those who can focus on the visual arts.

Art Gallery #2 – This exhibition focuses on the art arts, while being a one-of-a-kind place. They feature a diverse range of artists and makers including American, Canadian, Japanese and American.


3:17 – The Art Deco Bridge, a project initiated by a young man to showcase how the local communities are changing during the last 30 years. The Bridge takes place a few blocks in the city centre, and this piece reflects on how people are living when in reality the city remains very small and rural.

3:30 – Why is so much art still produced in the US?

3:50 – The best way to go about it is to stay there! The Best Way to Go about it is by staying in the city! The Best way to go about it is by