Leather Furniture in Tanzania
Leather Furniture in Tanzania
Leather Furniture in Tanzania

Our house is now ready to be featured in a new art project in Melbourne. The work, which shows us the ways of building wooden furniture in Tanzanian forests, was created by renowned sculptor and photographer Mat Stirling.

When applied in 3D we saw a 3D printing platform that would allow us to print out the furniture we wanted to build.

Mat also took a 3D print of the furniture and made a small hand-made replica of the table. These are the most impressive and interesting objects to come out of this project.

Below is the 2D video of Mat looking at the replica:

You can see that the objects are being designed by Mat and his team. The 4cm piece of wood is from Maksallei (Zanzibar) and consists of 15 wooden columns. The design has a very unique look, such that it appears very unique. The original design of the objects could not exist without these beautiful pieces in just 10 minutes!

Now to make those unique items our own sculpting team wanted to come forth and work on their own. With the help of Mat, we managed to create the hand-made furniture and took this 3D model of the furniture to a local museum, which was very exciting and special.