Kaftans in Kenya for
Kaftans in Kenya for
Kaftans in Kenya for the past two decades have been fighting against the state over what they call a “massacre” of civilians who were driven from the country by a ruthless militia following the 1996 ousting of President Idriss Roper.

They have said they are prepared to pay compensation to the families and relatives of those who are killed or imprisoned. https://jiji.co.ke/25-kaftans
The families have demanded a UN investigation into the killings to protect victims from what they call “genocide” committed by the government forces.

The United Nations says it would take up the issue of compensation, saying it was a matter for the families.

Militiamen have carried out mass abductions in northern Kenya during the past two decades and have led a campaign of intimidation against the government and opposition parties in response to perceived perceived abuses against the armed forces.

In 2011 they abducted more than 1,000 schoolchildren and torched mosques and schools, while mass killings against civilians have carried out since then.