Big Dart Game.
Big Dart Game.

But first, lets get this started to get out of the way.

Tutorial for Beginners
The project is going to be completely different than this one. First, we will provide a basic template for the concept of the game. We will use a minimal game class called Simple Dart, the one that you can use for your own Dart game design as well. We will provide a “dartboard” so that everything can be rendered and we can actually play with it.

Next, we will define the name of the game and set up a sample app.

As we are defining it, we will need a few tools:

Our game class. This will probably be called Simple Dart, and it will either be a file containing the rules and basic rules the player will face, or it will be any library of our kind to run your simple rules. So let’s make sure that we only call the library we just created.

The basic rules. We’re going to call them simply rules, just like that for your normal Dart board games. Here are the basic Rules we defined:

Rule 1: Be able to use any object in the game

Rule 3: Be able to play any Dart game that has a certain difficulty

Rule 2: All objects that have certain level of difficulty

Rule 3: All objects that